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On the hunt for steel dumpsters? We encourage you to take a moment to seriously consider plastic trash dumpsters before you place your order.

We manufacture both steel and plastic containers—and the price point is nearly the same—so we feel we can stand confidently atop our soapbox and speak the truth.

Unless you’re battling bears, heaving 50-pound blocks of cement, or dumping hot coals (yes, hot luau coals!), commercial plastic dumpsters offer far too many benefits to make any other choice.

So, let’s walk through ‘em, shall we?

Lighter and more maneuverable than steel

Ask any driver and they’ll tell you, a yard-and-a-half steel container is brutal to move when compared to a plastic one. And, when you consider that a plastic dumpster is up to one-third lighter than its steel counterpart, it’s not hard to understand why.

Not only does this make your driver’s job easier, but it also reduces your risk of on-the-job injury claims.

Of course, these lighter-weight plastic trash dumpsters can present a problem if you live on the windy prairie and don’t have enclosures. If that’s the case for you, we recommend caster locks so you’re not fetching your dumpsters on the regular.

Exceptionally strong and durable

With the exception of burning coals and blocks of cement tossed with force, a rotationally molded plastic dumpster can handle whatever you throw at it.

And, it will hold up in all sorts of weather extremes, too.

Nedland is based on the frozen tundra and we can personally speak to the durability of high-density polyethylene in frigid temperatures. Polar vortex? Not a problem.

And, when we get snow that melts and refreezes, plugging the drain hole, we simply dump them with a pat—releasing what looks to be a giant icy bundt cake. That’s because the interiors are smooth and the corners, rounded, allowing the ice to easily slide out without breaking the can.

Of course, we don’t recommend you beat on them when it’s -30, just like you wouldn’t beat on a truck, but we can tell you they’ve never been an issue in extreme cold.

As for extreme heat?

Well, our front-load and rear-load plastic trash dumpsters have successfully been put into service in Iraq—demonstrating their durability at the other end of the temperature extreme.

As low maintenance as it gets

When we say these plastic dumpsters are low maintenance, we’re under-selling.

Ask one of the folks here at Nedland what type of maintenance a good plastic dumpster requires and they’ll tell you, “Well, you might want to hose them out after you dump rotting, stinky garbage in the summer.”

Yep, that’s it.

And, since the dumpsters are constructed of plastic, you don’t have to worry about wet waste or water rusting and corroding the bottom of your dumpsters like you would if they were constructed of steel.

Look newer, longer

Buying waste and recycling equipment is an investment in your business—and the state of your equipment will reflect either positively or negatively on your brand.

With plastic trash dumpsters, you can count on colors that won’t fade, thanks to UV protection. They’re also scratch and dent-resistant.

So, what happens if someone really batters a dumpster into a wall, smashing the frame? Simple. We’ll send you a new frame. It’s a quick repair—the plastic will pop right in, restoring the shape of your container—so you basically get a new can for one-third the price.

And, should a local hooligan graffiti your dumpster, you can clean it up quickly with a little paint thinner.

Quieter than steel

The clang of lids crashing down on steel dumpsters is disruptive to customers and hard on your employees’ ears.

Plastic is a game-changer in this regard. These containers are far quieter—both when being moved and emptied.

Simple to tow—even several at a time

Resorts, colleges, and housing complexes are often on the hunt for ways to quietly and efficiently manage waste and recycling.

Since plastic trash dumpsters are light, we can add a tow package that enables your employees to haul multiple cans at a time while crisscrossing the property—replacing full cans with empties and hauling waste to your on-site garbage compactor. In fact, these dumpsters are so light, many resorts and colleges pull them with a golf cart.

Better warranty than steel

Your waste management equipment is an important investment—and choosing plastic can deliver greater peace of mind.

How so?

Well, we can’t speak for other plastic dumpster manufacturers, but when it comes to Nedland Poly Dura Kans, you’ll be able to count on a five-year warranty—meaning your equipment will be covered for three more years than had you purchased steel. (And, some manufacturers only warranty their steel dumpsters for a single year—so the peace of mind extends even longer.)

We encourage you to choose plastic trash dumpsters

When folks call us looking for steel dumpsters, we’ll share with them what we’ve just shared with you here. Sometimes, they’re not convinced, so they’ll buy one or two of our Poly Dura Kan-brand plastic dumpsters to see what they think before making a commitment.

After they put these containers in the field, the calls invariably come in: “These plastic dumpsters are amazing. We’ll never buy steel again.”

And, we’re pretty confident that if you give them a try, too, you’ll feel the very same way.