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Thinking about starting a roll off business? You’ll obviously need to invest in a trailer and dumpsters to get started—and this is where many who are just entering the waste management industry misstep. So be forewarned: Roll off dumpster packages may seem like a simple, affordable solution to get your business off the ground. They’re not.

Let us walk you through the ins-and-outs of these roll off package “deals” and help you understand what that equipment will cost you now—and down the road.

Low-quality roll off packages can cost you—both at initial purchase and down the road

Some roll off manufacturers want you to believe you can make an apples-to-apples comparison between their trailers and quality roll off trailers from manufacturers like us.

You just can’t.

These package deals feature low-quality, base model products—products that don’t support your efficiency and profitability.

For example, some will install a winch crank on a flatbed trailer and call that a roll off trailer. (It’s not.)

And, some will feature a battery-powered trailer. These, however, just don’t have the muscle for heavy loads. Worse, they can only manage a single drop-off and pick-up before needing to be recharged. (And, in this business, if you’re not moving containers, you’re not making money.)

To run profitably, you need a quality, gas-powered roll off trailer. Unfortunately, adding this type of motor onto your roll off package means you’ll very likely be paying more for a lesser quality trailer in the end.

Of course, the engine’s just the beginning. Please take the time to make a thorough comparison. We promise—it will be eye-opening.

It’s equipment that can’t scale with your roll off business

You’re starting small. That’s smart. But, if you do this right, you won’t be small for long.

And, that’s when many business owners come to us in frustration.

The start-up roll off package they purchased was constructed with non-industry standard rails. Meaning, when they were ready to expand their business and invest in a large truck, they had to sell all of their existing equipment and start over. That’s painful.

Meanwhile, trailers like ours feature industry standard rails, so all of the equipment you have sitting in your yard today will be compatible with the big rig you buy down the road.

These manufacturers are selling you a feeling

Today, competitive markets across all industries offer bundle savings and price matching to get your business. In fact, we’ve all started to believe that if we’re not getting some sort of a discount, we’re paying too much.

Consider big box stores, like Kohl’s, where products are always marked down by 30 – 40%. It’s not a deal they’re marketing, but rather the perception of one.

The same concept applies to the waste management industry.

Very often the start-up package discounts you see for roll off trailers and steel dumpsters were marked up in order to be discounted—all to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling we all feel when we’re getting a killer deal.

And, they’ll tell you to, “ACT FAST!” so you don’t miss out on “the deal.” It’s all about tapping into loss aversion—our collective fear of missing out on something great. And, they’re doing it to get you to buy quickly and without doing your due diligence.

Roll off packages aren’t the deal they claim to be

When you’re new to the industry, wading through the different manufacturers and their equipment options can feel overwhelming. And, a start-up roll off dumpster package sure can seem simple and affordable.

Scratch beneath the surface, though, and they will impede your ability to grow your business—and they’ll cost you far more in the long run.

Thinking about getting into the roll off business?

Shoot us a message or give us a ring. We’d be happy to help you determine the equipment that’s your best fit—today and down the road. After all, we’re not here to make a quick sale. We want to build a relationship with you—we’re in it for the long haul.