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Commercial compactors offer some seriously big benefits that make them a waste management equipment best bet.

So, if you’re still using open garbage bins, it’s time to seriously rethink.

And here’s why:

1. Commercial compactors cut costs.

If you’re using open garbage containers, you’re absorbing the highest possible waste removal cost per cubic yard. Make the switch to commercial compactors, though, and you can reduce your trash volume by 75%—which can translate to an equally dramatic reduction in your garbage hauling costs.

2. They improve the appearance of your commercial property.

Nothing makes your property less appealing than loose trash blowing across your property and finding a new home in your fencing or landscaping. With your commercial compactors, your solid waste is locked inside a closed container, making your tumblin’ tumbleweeds of garbage a thing of the past.

3. Commercial compactors reduce offensive odors.

Nothing can turn your stomach quite like wet garbage cooking in the hot summer sun. But, with commercial compactors, you can contain that stomach-churning garbage in a leak proof container—and any excess liquid can be captured and diverted to a drain. Problem solved.

4. They eliminate pests.

Open garbage bins attract pests like bees to really foul-smelling honey. With commercial compactors, you can secure your garbage, keeping unwanted flies, cockroaches, bees, raccoons, rats, and more, at bay.

5. They reduce fire damage.

Garbage fires happen—but they don’t have to. Commercial compactors lock combustive materials inside an airtight container, eliminating your fire risk.

6. Commercial compactors decrease pavement wear and tear.

When those heavy garbage trucks arrive on your property, they take a toll on your cement and asphalt. But if you compact your solid waste, reducing your schedule garbage pick-ups from five or six days a week to one, you extend the life of your expensive infrastructure.

7. They put an end to dumpster divers.

It’s a simple reality—if you’re garbage isn’t secure someone will pilfer it for their own use or resale. And they could get seriously hurt in the process. When your solid waste is securely stored inside commercial compactors, you protect yourself from a big liability risk.


Given all that commercial compactors can do to improve property appearance and safety, cut costs and liability risk, they simply make sound business sense.