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With so many roll off systems on the market, shopping the options can be more than a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the research for you.

Here’s how EZrolloff stacks up—and how it delivers you ROI.

Let’s assess roll off system manufacturers

Axles Leaf Springs or Torflex axles are welded on Torflex axles are bolted on You get a roll off system with fewer moving parts, a smoother ride, and easier replacement.
Hubs – Lubrication Greased Oil bath You get 80/90 gear lube, making it easy to monitor fluid levels and maintain.
Cable System Winding drum Reeving cylinder You get a block and tackle setup. Meaning, the cable never comes in contact with itself, which dramatically reduces maintenance and delivers quiet, smooth, and safe operation.
Paint Process Sprayed on enamels Powder-coated primer and paint You get a paint job that’s not only more chip resistant, but that comes with a high UV rating to resist fading.
Engine Kolar, Briggs—or even a 12-volt power unit 13 HP Honda engine with two stage pump You get an engine that offers the highest quality track record in its class.
Controls Manual control levers, a stationary mount, and pendants with coil cords Wireless remote and manual backup controls You get a rolloff system your driver can operate from inside the cab or while moving freely around the rolloff truck and trailer.
Hydraulic Valve Manual controls Electric solenoid valves with LED light indicator and manual override You get a roll off system that’s easy to diagnose in the uncommon event of a malfunction. Meanwhile, the manual override enables your driver to continue operating the system without the hand pendant.
Safety Lock Valves None Standard You get increased safety and peace of mind.
Greasing No grease zerks or grease zerks with questionable placement Grease zerks with ease-of-use in mind You get recessed grease zerks on every shaft for easy maintenance and minimal to non-existent breakage.
Bronze Bushings No figure 8 grease grooves—a design that makes it very difficult to remove the shafts and get to the bushings Figure 8 grease groove on all rail rollers and sheaves You get bronze bushings that are easily replaced. What’s more, the figure 8 grease grooves cut into the bushings, allowing you to grease the entire shaft in a single rotation of the part.
Fenders Weld on Bolt on You get fenders that are easy to replace. And, the lack of cutting and welding to your roll off trailer frame minimizes paint damage.
Tires – Replacement Traditional jack is required No jack required You get a tipp frame and hydraulic tongue jack that lifts all four tires off the ground for easy maintenance.

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