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Love? Really? Sure, you might think we’re taking this a bit far, but the fact is plastic garbage bins save you money, make garbage collectors’ jobs less physically demanding, and they look fantastic–and keep looking fantastic for a good long time.

What’s not to love?

Here’s what you’re missing out on…


1) Plastic dumpsters are up to 30% lighter than steel containers of comparable size.

And, that’s an important consideration. Mark Beers, a Site Manager at Novak Sanitary Service in Sioux Falls shared this:

“We use metal containers and they are too heavy to lift over curbs and pull with food waste in them; it puts a strain on our drivers’ backs. The poly front load container solved that problem. Our drivers love them.”

Light and maneuverable, without sacrificing strength and durability, plastic containers reduce the physical toll on your collectors. They’ll appreciate the new, lighter equipment and you’ll reduce on-the-job injury claims.

2) Plastic garbage bins are low maintenance and dent resistant.

Who doesn’t love that?

You invest a lot of capital in your waste management equipment, so innovative materials that extend life and don’t require repainting (read: save you money) are definitely worth considering.

And, thanks to UV protection, colors won’t fade.

3) Unlike steel containers, plastic dumpers will not rust or corrode.

Do you operate in extreme climates or run a restaurant?

Plastic dumpsters are the ideal waste management solution.

They feature smooth interior surfaces for a clean dump and the bottom won’t rust out due to wet waste or humid conditions like steel containers will.

4) They’re quieter than steel.

The early morning clanking of steel dumpsters can disrupt sleep or a relaxing cup of coffee. Plastic garbage containers, however, are quiet when being emptied or moved.

So, not only will your garbage collectors love them, so will your customers.

5) Plastic dumpsters offer a better warranty than steel.

When you invest in your garbage hauling equipment, you want to know you’re covered should something go wrong.

And that’s where we can offer a little peace of mind.

Now, we can’t speak for every manufacturer, but at Nedland, we offer a five year warranty on our plastic front and rear load dumpsters.

Plastic dumpsters: Feel the love

The good folks at Aspen Waste Systems told us:

“Our drivers love them; if it were up to them we would have no steel containers on the street. Our customers like the way they look and keep looking. Maintenance costs are low due to the fact that they never need paint, and they wash up easy and are ready to go back into service.”

Now, if that’s not true love, we don’t know what is.



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