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Whether you’re a garbage hauler looking to expand your service offerings or you work in the construction or landscape business and want to cut your waste management costs, a roll off trailer can be a solid investment.

Well, that is, if you purchase quality roll off equipment that’s built to last.

So, if you’ve been searching for a roll off trailer for sale, we’ll help make sure you don’t get burned.

There’s some great equipment out there – and some that’s not so great. Here’s what you should consider in your apples-to-apples comparison of roll off manufacturers.


9 helpful tips to buy your roll off trailer with confidence

1. Roll Off Cable System – You’ll see two primary types of cable systems on the market: Some roll off manufacturers use winding drums, others use reeving cylinders.

The big benefit of a reeving cylinder?

The cable never comes in contact with itself – and that means greater longevity and less maintenance. A reeving cylinder is quieter and safer to operate, too.

2. Paint Process – Without question, a powder coat paint process beats sprayed on enamels.

With powder coating, you’ll get a higher UV rating – meaning your colors will resist fading – and your roll off trailer will be more resistant to chips and scratches, as well.

Important note: While you’re inquiring about the paint process – don’t forget to ask if the roll off trailer you’re looking at has been painted and primed. Not all roll off manufacturers prime their equipment first – and it’s an important step if you want your waste management equipment to look good for a good long time.

3. Engine – This is your workhorse, so it had better be up to the task.

You’ll find lots of options on the roll off market – from Honda to Kolar and Briggs. Heck, you’ll even find 12-volt power units trying to hoist those heavy metal containers up and down.

Of these, the Honda engines are the highest quality and have the best track record for this application.

4. Trailer Axles – When it comes to your axles, the fewer moving parts, the fewer points of failure.

We recommend Torflex axles bolted onto the frame – not welded. They deliver a smoother ride and are easier to repair.

5. Roll Off Operator Controls – Some roll off trailers are controlled with manual levers, stationary mounts, or pendants with coil cords – others are operated by wireless remote.

While any of these options will get the job done, a wireless remote is easier to use, doesn’t require any physical effort – short of pressing a button – and it untethers the operator from the roll off trailer, allowing him or her the freedom to move around the equipment and keep an eye on things.

6. Safety Lock Valves – Not all roll off trailers come equipped with safety lock valves – but they should.

For the safety of your operators and your peace of mind – ask.

7. Greasing – A well-designed roll off trailer is one that’s easy to maintain.

Grease zerks are one such maintenance feature. Some roll off trailers don’t use them, others may place them in hard to reach areas. Look for recessed grease zerks on every shaft – and make sure they’re easily accessible.

Look for Figure 8 grease grooves cut into the bronze bushings, as well. They allow the entire shaft to get greased in one rotation of the part. And, again, that ease of maintenance will pay off in reduced labor and greater longevity of your roll off.

8. Fenders – Stuff happens. In the event of a fender-bender, a fender that has been bolted onto your roll off trailer, rather than welded to the frame will be far easier to replace.

(Welded fenders require you to cut metal away and can damage your paint job.)

9. Tire replacement – Unless you’re immune to Murphy’s Law, you’re going to have to replace a tire at some point.

How easy will that be to accomplish?

Some roll off trailers feature tip frames and hydraulic tongue jacks that eliminate the need for traditional jacks. And, that make swapping out a bad tire a piece of cake.

Benefit from your roll off trailer purchase

Roll off trailers can be a tremendous business asset. Not only can you cut your waste disposal costs or, alternately, expand your waste hauling service set – you can also increase your garbage hauling capacity by dropping waste containers at work sites, while keeping your truck free to retrieve those that are full.

Of course, not all roll off trailers are built alike. So, keep the 9 critical considerations above in mind as you weigh your options.



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